Kinds of Goat in Indonesia


It is estimated that in this world there are 300 races of goat that spread out in tropical and subtropical regions. The goats were grouped by area of deployment, productivity, characteristics and potential. Goats that suited for businesses are a goat that low maintenance cost but can provide advantages in abundance. But for sacrificial worship, choose goat that has large bodies or a goat meat, and these are kinds of goat in Indonesia :

1. Nut Goat (Kambing Kacang)

In Indonesia, there are many kinds of goats developed by the people. And the first goat is nut goat (Kambing Kacang) which is superior race (ras). Kambing Kacang has a high adaptability, and it is a local goat of Indonesia. In addition, Kambing Kacang also has very high reproductive power. So it is recommended for you who want to breed goats. Kambing Kacang is a type of goat meat, males and females. It has a small and light head with a relatively small body, It has short fur and straight ears upright, Generally, It has a single colored, black, white, brown or a combination of the three colors, Males and females have two short horns, The body of an adult male reach 30kg, while the female 25kg., High-reach 60-65cm for males and 56 cm for females., It has short fur in his entire body except the head and chin. Goats grow long fur on the shoulders, along the neckline buttocks, and backs up the tail.

2. Etawa Goat (Kambing Etawa /Kambing Jamnapari)

When we hear the word ‘Etawa’ we immediately remembered the goat’s milk. Yes, indeed the goat milk that spread out in this country is Etawa milk. But, Etawa meat also can be used like other meat goat. It has large body with 90-127cm tall for males. While females only reached 92cm, Male  Etawa has weight 91kg and females Etawa reach 63kg, It has drooping ears (not straight) and length, It has convex forehead and nose, It has Short-horned, male or female, Milk produced up to three liters a day.

3.  Boer Goat (Kambing Boer)

Boer goat origin is from South Africa. “Boer” means farmer. With growing very fast, a Boer goat is the real meat goat. 35-45 kg weight can be achieved by Boer goats at the age of five to six months. The average weight gain of Boer goat is about 0.02 to 0.04 kg per day. All this depends on the amount of milk from the mother and the daily feed. At the age of 2-3 years, the Boer goat males weigh 120-150 kg, while the adult females will have weigh 80-90 kg of the same age. Boer females and males both have horns. Percentage of Boer goat meat on the carcass reaches 40% – 50% of its body weight. It is higher than the local dairy goats.

Boer goats can be recognized easily from its long and wide body, white fur, orange, dark brown  or light brown, convex nose, long ears hanging, short-legged. Some Boer goats on his face have a white stripe down. Brown skin and it can protect themselves from skin cancer from ultraviolet from direct sunlight. The goats really like sunbathing during the day. Boer goats can survive at extreme environment temperatures. From very cold temperatures (-25 degrees Celsius) to very hot temperatures (43 degrees Celsius). Boer goats are very adaptable to the changes of environmental temperature. They can live in the bush, rocky mountain slopes or in the meadows and resistant to disease. Naturally, Boer goats are animals that like browsing so much like leaves, shrubs rather than grass.

4. Other kinds of Goat

  • Jawarandu goat (Bligon, Gumbolo, Kacukan, Koplo) : This goat is the result of a crossbreed between a crossbreed etawa goat with a nuts goat.
  • Crossbreed Etawa goat : the main objective the development of this goat is to be able to adapt to conditions in Indonesia. Crossbreed Etawa goat is the result of a crossbreed between Etawa and nuts goat. It’s known as PE (Peranakan Etawa) goat, and it’s considered as a local goat.
  • Saanen goats : Saanen goat came from the valley of Saanen, west Swiss. This goat is a famous milk producer in Switzerland. In Indonesia Saanen goats crossed with a crossbreed Etawa goat that more resistant to the tropical weather and the name is still Saanen goats.
  • Gembrong goat : This goat is in Bali, precisely in the east area of the region, especially in the district of Karangasem. This goat is endanger goat. Gembrong goat is the result of a crossbreed between a Kashmir goat and Turkey goat.
  • Samosir goat (White goat, Batak goat) : Based on the history, Samosir goat maintained by the locals from generation to generation in Samosir Island, in the middle of Toba Lake, Samosir regency, North Sumatra Province. Samosir goat known as White goat or Batak goat by the locals.
  • Costa Goat : This goat spread out around Jakarta and Banten Province.
  • Boerawa Goat : Boerawaisthe result ofa crossbreed between a Male Boergoatwith a female Crossbreed Etawa or PeranakanEtawah(PE). Boerawagoatbegan to grow, and many in Lampung province.
  • Goats Muara Muara : This goat is from Muara region, North Tapanuli regency, North Sumatra province.
  • Goats Marica : This goat is from South Sulawesi province.

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