Elements – Team Members

[team name_1=”Sir Alan” position_1=”English Teacher” image_id_1=”4380″ mail_1=”alansaputro@ymail.com” phone_1=”081373151965″ facebook_1=”Alan Saputro Armenato” twitter_1=”#” content_1=”Graduated from Bina Darma University, Teknik Informatika, Had great working experiences in teaching English at some English courses in Palembang since 2012-2014.” name_2=”Sir Leven” position_2=”English Teacher” image_id_2=”4382″ mail_2=”farleven8@gmail.com” phone_2=”081532149262″ content_2=”Completed the education as Public Relation (Commucation Science). Experienced as public speaking coach, English private teacher and often invited as Jury for Public Speaking Competition.” name_3=”Miss Rizka” position_3=”English Teacher” image_id_3=”4385″ mail_3=”rizka_anggraini@yahoo.co.id” phone_3=”0819 – 95059628″ twitter_3=”#” content_3=”Graduated from University of PGRI Palembang. Experienced teaching English at some institutions more than 5 years.” name_4=”Miss Dwi” position_4=”English Teacher” image_id_4=”4381″ mail_4=”dattaajeng@gmail.com” phone_4=”082377886818″ facebook_4=”R.a. Dwi Sartika Sfl” content_4=”Graduated from Muhammadiyah University and had worked as a teacher in various English Course and formal School around Palembang since 2011-2014.” el_position=”first last” facebook_2=”farleven8@gmail.com” twitter_2=”@farleven8″ facebook_3=”rizka anggraini” twitter_4=”#”][team name_1=”Miss Martina” position_1=”English Teacher” image_id_1=”4383″ mail_1=”martina66@yahoo.com” phone_1=”081367334040″ facebook_1=”martina66@yahoo.com” twitter_1=”#” content_1=”completed the education at Foreign Language Academy majoring English, more than 10 years experienced in teaching English at some institutions” name_2=”Miss Melly” position_2=”English Teacher” image_id_2=”4384″ mail_2=”melly.melly1987@gmail.com” phone_2=”085758820014″ facebook_2=”melly.melly1987@gmail.com” twitter_2=”melly_be” content_2=”had graduated from University of PGRI Palembang in 2009. has many experiences at teaching English in some institutions since 2009 till now and ever joined as a Liaison Officer at 26th Sea Games in South Sumatera 2011″]