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“ Malu sama kucing, meong . .  meong . . meong  . . . “

Do you know that song guys ? Yeah that’s the lyric of kids song which was popularized by Romaria, the sibling of Bastian ( the ex of Coboy junior member ). That song is unique, funny and many people will sing that song if they listen it. Not only the song but also the animals in that song are funny. One of the animals is the cat. Cat is a cute and funny animal and most of the people like it. Even the people usually have their own community for showing they love their cats.

Talking about cat, it can cheer the people or the owner up because the cat is spoil to them but sometimes it makes many people or the owner annoyed because it likes to spray everywhere. Have you ever seen wet spot in your motorcycle or car? But when you want to clean it by using water, it’s little bit hard to be cleaned. Yeah that’s what we call the spraying of the cat. Don’t ever think that the cat sprays your vehicles because the vehicles are dirty or it hasn’t been cleaned yet. The cats like spraying in many places include the clean places.

Did you know why the cats like to spray everywhere especially in your vehicles ?

Here are the reasons :

  1. To show the territory, Cats like a warm places. They like to hide near the machine of the car. Because they have been comfort there so they like to spray to show their territory. Generally, spraying is done by male cats. Not only in machine of the car but also they like spraying in exhaust of motorcycle, wall, and other places to prevent the arrival of other male cat in that place.
  2. To attract the attention of female cats, This situation usually happens in swarming. Male cats usually sprays everywhere to attract the attention of female cats . When the female cats smell the aroma of male cats’ spraying, they will mew to call the male cats.

Those are the reasons why the cats like to spray everywhere especially in your vehicles. You may be angry to them guys but you may not kick or hit them by something because it will hurt them. So, stay to love your pet especially your cats ^_*

Vocabulary :

Exhaust : knalpot

Spraying : pipis

Vehicles : kendaraan

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