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Elements – Team Members

Sir Alan

English Teacher

Graduated from Bina Darma University, Teknik Informatika, Had great working experiences in teaching English at some English courses in Palembang since 2012-2014.

Sir Leven

English Teacher

Completed the education as Public Relation (Commucation Science). Experienced as public speaking coach, English private teacher and often invited as Jury for Public Speaking Competition.

Miss Rizka

English Teacher

Graduated from University of PGRI Palembang. Experienced teaching English at some institutions more than 5 years.

Miss Dwi

English Teacher

Graduated from Muhammadiyah University and had worked as a teacher in various English Course and formal School around Palembang since 2011-2014.

Miss Martina

English Teacher

completed the education at Foreign Language Academy majoring English, more than 10 years experienced in teaching English at some institutions

Miss Melly

English Teacher

had graduated from University of PGRI Palembang in 2009. has many experiences at teaching English in some institutions since 2009 till now and ever joined as a Liaison Officer at 26th Sea Games in South Sumatera 2011